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Ice roads: Highways on the tundra

Few companies in Alaska have the dedication to succeed in this challenging area of construction. By utilizing new and innovative building techniques, we are able to get a head start on projects with a short construction season. We know the importance of a timely start up for our clients. In addition to specialized equipment, we also maintain a fleet of low ground pressure vehicles, which minimizes disturbance to the fragile environment while allowing construction activities to commence.

Cruz Construction Inc. has the experience and equipment to construct ice roads in isolated locations. Virtually all of the company’s equipment, including low ground pressure vehicles, is air-transportable via C-130 Hercules (Herc) aircraft. The equipment can be assembled and staged at an airstrip in the vicinity of the drill site location, ready to mobilize once tundra permits are issued. Then construction of ice roads, pads and airstrips can be accomplished quickly and efficiently.